Madhusudan Group - Yarn, Weaving and Knitting Group
Madhusudan Group - Yarn, Weaving and Knitting Group

Mr. Krishnagopal

It brings me immense pleasure and pride to be a part of the textile giant that Madhusudan Group has become over the years. As the Chairman, of the foremost name in the world of Textiles, I feel blessed and humbled by the faith that our esteemed clients and customers have displayed in us all throughout.


During the course of its incredibly prosperous run, the group has not only excelled at integrating a vertical business model that spreads all the way from the root unit of yarns to the fruit unit of finished fabrics, but also, has simultaneously progressed through constant innovation and a unified vision of excellence, professionalism and multi-dimensional diversification. The group has permanently carved its name in the core business of textiles by standing tall on its founding stones of exceptional quality, efficient management, and ethical values.

As an organisation, we have always had our business ethic compass point in the right direction. Our strategic planning, diligent staff and undying efforts towards meeting our commitments and targets, are the reasons behind our triumph. We work with a zeal to add value and worth to customer's business by ensuring timely and accurate supply of superior quality products at highly competitive prices. Quality is the backbone of our success & evolving with trends to achieve innovation in products is a non-negotiable priority for us.

Our corporation values lie in the satisfaction of our customers and happiness of our e... Read More

ATM Bank Of Baroda at Madhusudan Palsana Factory

At Madhusudan, comfort of team members from top management to labourers, is of utmost importance. To help the staff get instant cash while at work, they have arranged for an ATM by Bank Of Baroda which was inaugurated by Shri Ashok Kumar Garg, the “Executive Director” of BOB, on 14th August 2017, right outside Palsana factory premises. The entire board of directors, department managers, and labourers were a part of this grand inauguration. This  ATM can also be conveniently used by the passer bys on the highway, thus giving them an immediate cash solution while on the go.

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