Madhusudan Group - Yarn, Weaving and Knitting Group
Madhusudan Group - Yarn, Weaving and Knitting Group


We take care of our clients’ assets with respect, strong sense of responsibility, and individual approach.

Power to Change - Madhusudan Group - Yarn, Weaving and Knitting Group

Power to

Madhusudan Group is perfectly crafted to fit in with the ethics of conventional textile business while simultaneously blending in the most advanced innovations in machinery, out of the box strategies for the business, experimental ideas, and ingenious designs. With the best of both worlds moving hand in hand, the group has displayed immense potential to bring about a revolutionary changes within the company, along with the domestic as well as international textile markets all throughout.

ATM Bank Of Baroda at Madhusudan Palsana Factory

At Madhusudan, comfort of team members from top management to labourers, is of utmost importance. To help the staff get instant cash while at work, they have arranged for an ATM by Bank Of Baroda which was inaugurated by Shri Ashok Kumar Garg, the “Executive Director” of BOB, on 14th August 2017, right outside Palsana factory premises. The entire board of directors, department managers, and labourers were a part of this grand inauguration. This  ATM can also be conveniently used by the passer bys on the highway, thus giving them an immediate cash solution while on the go.

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